The Fayette CARE Clinic, Fayetteville, GA’s free clinic, a vital healthcare resource serving the uninsured and lower-income residents 18yrs+ of Fayette County, is proud to announce a substantial donation in November 2023 of $26,868 from the Be Rich Campaign, facilitated by Southside Church. This generous contribution will significantly enhance the clinic’s ability to provide essential medical services to those in need in the community.

This generous donation from the Be Rich Campaign, facilitated by Southside Church, is a testament to the power of community partnerships and the commitment to improving the well-being of individuals in need. The funds received will enable Fayette CARE Clinic to continue its mission of providing comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services to those who are most vulnerable in the community.

Fayette CARE Clinic, which opened its doors on May 1, 2005, has been a beacon of hope for the uninsured and lower-income residents of Fayette County. Initially offering only medical care and operating one evening per week, the clinic has since expanded its services to encompass various medical specialties, including primary medical care, podiatry, cardiology, physical therapy, hearing services, vision care, mental health support, mammography, lab testing, and more.

The impact of Fayette CARE Clinic is further highlighted by the fact that for every $1 donated to the clinic, they can provide an astounding $19 worth of medical services, showcasing their dedication to maximizing the support they receive and ensuring the health and well-being of those in need. Medical services provided at the clinic include but are not limited to primary medical care, cardiology, podiatry, physical therapy, vision, mental health services, mammography, hearing services, lab testing, and advanced diagnostic imaging such as CT scans, ultrasounds, X-rays, and MRI scans.

“Contributions to the Fayette CARE Clinic like this from Be Rich and Southside Church not only bolsters our ability to provide essential medical services but also symbolizes the unwavering solidarity of our community. Together, we are breaking down barriers to healthcare and ensuring that every individual in Fayette County has access to the care they deserve”, explains board member, Anne Dammel.
Fayette County, often perceived as one of Georgia’s most prosperous counties, paradoxically harbors a significant population of uninsured individuals living below the federal poverty level.


In 2021, an estimated 17.5% of Fayette County residents lacked access to basic healthcare services due to their lack of insurance and financial resources. Fayette CARE Clinic serves as a lifeline for these uninsured and low-income residents, bridging the healthcare gap and ensuring that essential medical care is within their reach.

“A big thank you on behalf of Fayette Care Clinic family to Southside church community for helping us in such a big way. This will go a long way in helping few thousand of our neighbors in their time of medical need. Last year we helped over 2000 patients get medical care including heart surgery and cancer therapy. Chronic care conditions like diabetes high blood pressure heart failure asthma emphysema helped prevent hundreds of ER visits”, says board member and Cardiology Medical Director, Dr. Nimish Dhruva.

Fayette CARE Clinic is deeply grateful for the support of Southside Church and the Be Rich Campaign. This contribution will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the clinic’s ability to serve the healthcare needs of the uninsured and low-income residents of Fayette County.

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