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When it comes to choosing cosmetic clinic, don’t trust your body to just anyone. Choose any of our services from cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.


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Botox & Fillers

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Tummy Tuck

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Professionalism, Excellence, ExperienceLooking and Feeling
Your Very Best

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We are committed to administering the highest quality cosmetic surgery treatments by using the most advanced methods in research and diagnosis.

Practicing the Art of Plastic SurgeryReal Esthetic Surgeons, Real Boosting Results

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Anthony O’Neil
Founder and Cosmetic Surgeon

Founder, Cosmetic Surgeon

Anthony O’Neil

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Cosmetic Surgeon

Nicholas Horton

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Cosmetic Surgeon

Todd Howard

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Assistant Nurse

Gloria Walker

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of Self Confidence

We provide excellent medical care to a wide variety of skin conditions, as well as offer a comprehensive range of procedures from skin rejuvenation to body contouring, and ingrown hair to stretch marks, just to name a few.

Surgical procedures range from facelifts to breast enhancement. We are committed to the highest quality care by using the most advanced range methods in research, diagnosis, and treatments of skin disorders and conditions.


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Excellence is Our SpecialtyVivo Cosmetic Surgery Services

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Discover a New YouPerfect Body Shape, Excellence Defined

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Client Satisfaction94%
Insurance Coverage87%
Success Rate96%

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Our Patients Are Our PracticeAmazing Success Stories

The best dermatologist in my opinion, lot of patience and solved my Issues very easily. Staff were very friendly.
Vivian Kirk, Patient
I would highly recommend Dr. O’Neil. She’s very thorough, kind and caring and went above and beyond to help me.
Jesse Norman, Patient
Vivo staff are very professional. They addressed questions and concerns and was available over the phone as well.
Kelsey Heath, Patient
As always, Anthony was just great. I love him as my doctor. I have been going to for about a year and will only see him.
Anthony Mason, Patient

Experience Youthful Skin for LifeClient Favourite
Price Packages

Lip Augmentation

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Initial Full Skin Checkup
Three Free Mole Inerventions
Monthly Skin & Mole Checkups
24h Doctor Assisance

Tummy Tuck

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Routine Skin Checkup
Five Acne Treatments
Acne Treatment Products Included
24h Doctor Assisance

Botox Liftups

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Routine Skin Checkup
Three Free Mole Inerventions
Regular Health Checkups
24h Assisance

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